Cy Fair Surgery Center

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Financial Information
Facility Fees

Cy Fair Surgery Center fees cover only the use of the facility.  This does not include laboratory, pathology, surgeon, anesthesiologist fees, nor does it include the cost of any implants used for your surgery. You will be billed separately for these services/items if applicable to your surgery.

Collections and Payment Policy
  • Co-pays and deductibles will be due on the day of your surgery.
  • For patients with no insurance coverage, or for those having cosmetic/plastic surgery, all fees will be due in advance.
  • We're happy to accept cash, cashier's checks and credit cards.  

Cy Fair Surgery Center welcomes Medicare beneficiaries for treatment; we are Medicare certified and comply with all specified physical plant, staffing, safety and governance standards.

Facility fees are for approved services at an Ambulatory Surgery Center (facility where surgical procedures are performed, and the patient is released the same day). You will pay co-insurance, and Part B deductible if applicable.
- See your Medicare & You Handbook (regarding Part B-Covered Services)

For more information on your Medicare benefits, please visit

 If you have any questions regarding facility payments, insurance or other financial issues, please feel free to contact us directly.